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    Find out information about the rules of entry into Ukraine and departure to 220 countries on our website. We offer assistance and consultations, and provide up-to-date information on quarantine restrictions and border crossing regulations 24/7.

    After Russia declared war on Ukraine on February 24, Visit Ukraine has been not only about COVID rules and regulations on entering or leaving the country. Nowadays the project is a venue where everyone can get emergency information help. Currently our project needs support so that we can continue to help Ukrainians and foreigners 24/7 who have stayed in Ukraine and who left.

    We donate $10 from each purchase to the relief fund of Visit Ukraine civil association. By purchasing our clothes, you become a VISIT UKRAINE ambassador and support people in Ukraine and around the world!

    More about the project 
  • Our fight for the future of Ukraine continues. Ukrainian people together with our international friends do everything possible (and sometimes impossible) to achieve our victory. The war has accelerated many meaningful collaborations to support our country.

    Since February 24, 2022, Ukraine is facing the most brutal battle. We are bravely standing against an enemy that the world has believed will win in just a few days. 9 months later, all of us know that our victory is approaching. 

    Every Ukrainian is fighting on their battlefield. As an e-commerce and technology-first company, we knew from the beginning that this is our strength. We had to do everything in our power to support the people of Ukraine. But we couldn’t imagine how big our impact is going to be. We achieved the results we haven’t dreamed of and that’s what makes us go on to achieve even bigger milestones. 

    How it all started

    In the first days of the war, we made a decision to give all of our earnings to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, but we knew that wasn't enough. We wanted to do more. We wanted to support our people, economy, and Ukrainian families. Our company has received many messages from all around the world. People wanted to support us and help Ukraine. 

    We also noticed people want to have something to show their support for Ukraine. They were looking for all kinds of little souvenirs as well as T-shirts and hoodies showing their support. Everything Ukrainian has become the new trend. The colours of the Ukrainian flag – "free" blue and "energetic" yellow – are adored worldwide.

    A strong movement was born and we believed we could also make a positive impact. We created our designs, so everyone could have a powerful tool to express their beliefs with the help of merch from Visit Ukraine. 

    Friendship, Collaboration, and Technology made everything possible

    Ukrainian people are losing their homes and are forced to move to other regions within Ukraine or abroad. You can now find Ukrainians in every corner of the world. Being far away from home, it’s valuable to be able to at least carry a part of Ukraine with them. Visit Ukraine merch is delivered everywhere. However, considering the difficulty of shipping from Ukraine and the long transit time, we started looking for alternatives. 

    One of the most important partners that made this dream of ours come true is We were also excited to find out that Cloudprinter is a Dutch tech company based in Ukraine. More than 70 Cloudprinter employees are located in Ukraine and they manage to work and do everything possible to support their country.

    Working together with Cloudprinter, we can produce and ship products to customers within one country or region. It helps to significantly reduce our shipping distance, transit time and CO2 emissions. This way, our designs became a fashion trend in almost any country worldwide, whilst also supporting local communities. 

    Selling Ukrainian products globally, we donate 25% of each purchase to the assistance fund of the public association Visit Ukraine. Our goal is to help as many Ukrainian families as possible who have been forced to leave their homes and lost everything due to the war. 

    This project made us realise that small actions can have a massive impact. We tried to think outside the box as we need to spare no effort to support our home. By purchasing our clothes, you will help us in our fight for Ukraine the way we all are looking forward to seeing it – free and independent. 

    Order merch from anywhere with Ukraine in your heart!  

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