$10 from each purchase is credited to the Assistance Fund of Public Association Visit Ukraine!

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On February 24, Ukraine was invaded by the Russians. Before the war Visit Ukraine has been actively presenting Ukraine to the world for almost five years. We have created an information service portal where every Ukrainian and foreign citizen received information about COVID-19 restrictions and opportunities for travel and now can get the necessary knowledge on how to act in a critical situation.


We are followed by 3 million users worldwide. People read us in four languages, call us, write us and wait for help 24/7. Now we need your help and support. Visit Ukraine managers process appeals 24 hours a day, working from bomb shelters, different parts of the country, and abroad. It is extremely important for us to keep each of the thousands of daily requests answered and provide only verified information.


Support us now so that the Visit Ukraine Today portal will continue to be able to help people. Daily we process requests from more than 1,000 people online. More than 70,000 users receive the necessary information on the portal every day.

When you buy our clothes, you become the VISIT UKRAINE Ambassador and join the in helping Ukrainians and foreigners in Ukraine and around the world - $ 10 from each purchase is credited to the Assistance Fund of our public organization!

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